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Civil War letter from Emanuel Burget

"April (May?) the 20th   1865
Camp near Alexandria Virginia 
Dear wife
It is with the greatest of pleasure that I have one more opportunity of writing you a few lines to let you know that I and all the rest of the corner boys are well with the exception of I Gross and Ofs More(.)  Joe is well but he has
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the rheumatism so he couldn't march. he and Orr was sent from Richmond on the cars and I haven't heard from them since. I expect they are at Washington. I do sincerely hope when these few lines comes to hand they may find you enjoying good
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health. I just received your most welcome letter of Apr the 21st and was truly glad to hear that you was well.
Well now Naomi I will tell you something about our march. we started on the last day of April landed here yesterday and 19 making just 20 days march. I marched all the way. also was pretty hard on me. I just got up to the regiment the night before they started on the march. I came pretty near being left at Raleigh. I took sick at capefear river and the doctor thought I had the smallpox and sent me to the smallpox hospital but it didn't hurt me much. the doctor of the hospital said I had the verioloid. I was only sick one week and only stayed at the hospital two days. I was very weak for the first few days afterward,
but I kept right up with the regiment. you would been surprised to have seen me I was as spotted as leopard. the doctor made me through my clothes all away but I had on only my hat and shoes. you say you would like to see me. I guess would like to see you and the children and I do hope and believe that I will have the pleasure of seeing you again first of July 
at the very longest. if it was the smallpox I had it didn't leave any marks that you can notice. tell Cin that if I have the luck to get home that I will bring her doll. tell Billy I will bring him something to and
I will bring Naomi something to. I want you to keep some of that sausage for me when I come home. Well Naomi I am tired and I will close. I got a letter from Almira and Marg yesterday I will write to them tomorrow.
From your loving Husband Emanuel Burget
To Naomi Burget And Cin & Will"
             Partial obit

58th I.V.I. Partial roster
"...he enlisted, March 4, 1865, in company C, Fifty-eighth I. V. I., and was assigned to the Fourteenth army corps, army of the Cumberland.  He passed through the campaigns of North Carolina, Maryland, Virginia and Kentucky; was a member of the pontoon detail, and was constantly skirmishing for many weeks.  He was honorably discharged July 25, 1865, and now receives a pension of six dollars per month..." Claybaugh's History of Clinton County... and obit.
Bridge Pontooners encamped

Carolinas campaign with Cape Fear                  Alexandria encampments

Alexandria, VA in 1865 
with a military camp in the background

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