Friday, June 06, 2014

Eckert, Allan W. - The Life of Tecumseh. 1992... Historical Fiction

"A Sorrow in Our Heart 407
...On January 10, Blue Jacket with Simon Girty beside him, led a party of some three hundred Shawnees, Miami, Delawares, and Polawatomies against one of the newest of the settlements on the Ohio side of the river, Dunlap's Station, which was located eighteen miles northwest of 

Cincinnati. Though it was a well-fortified place with a little garrison of a dozen federal soldiers commanded by Lieutenant Jacob Kingbury and they put up a gallant defense, the Indians would probably have taken the place except for an enemy they could not combat, the weather. In only a matter of hours the temperature had plummeted from just below freezing to well below zero and the attackers suffered badly from it. When it was learned that a reinforcement of nearly a hundred soldiers was on the way from Fort Washington The attack was broken off, but not before a settler who had been captured was tied to a tree and tortured to death as a warning to the whites who watched helplessly from the fort 381 ..."


"...Amplification Notes 897...
381. The settler who was burned and disemboweled while still alive was Abner Hunt, who had been captured while traveling between the new settlements of Symmes City and Colerain. Tecumseh's exact whereabouts at this time are not certainly known and several accounts have stated in passing that Tecumseh was "probably" with the war party that did this, but the evidence weighs against this, especially since he continued to stand strongly against torture of prisoners under any conditions..."