Monday, June 09, 2014

Girty's 'tribes'

1741 - Born and raised as Irish-Colonial (white), among mostly Germanic eastern Pennsylvanians.
1750 - Father killed by native in drunken duelist. May have witnessed.
1756 - Captured by French & Delaware, and step-father burned in front of him when 15. Family split
     up. Adopted by the Seneca (Iroquois League), in NW Penn, then Ohio. Then Wyandont-Hurons.
1864? - Hired by the British, then Americans as scout/interpreter/spy... Fort Pitt.
1776 - Brits and Americans asked for his help (spoke 11 dialects, but illiterate). Snubbed, then
     charged with treason.
1778 - Repulsed by the uncontrolled 'Squaw Campaign,' that killed three women and a child. He and
     two others joined the Brits / Shawnee to stop genocide. For the next sixteen years, Girty was
     employed in the British Indian Department at Fort Detroit.
1794-1818 - Canada.

Essentially a freedom-fighter / warrior? UEL?
Moved between worlds, with no home or safety.
Most Indian Tribes were essentially familial, with Extra-Gens marriages, so he was necessarily an outsider, despite love and respect. Loyal to McKee and Kenton... Extremely violence during War as Hell...