Friday, May 30, 2014

Hesser, Leon F., The Taming of the Wilderness, 2002...

In 1785 Washington wrote that "We have opened the fertile plains of Ohio to the poor..." Pg. 35.

1787 - NWT Ordinance... Pg. 43.

The 1800 Indiana Territory census of 2,517 with almost half under 16 years old in what was later the state of Indiana. Pg. 39-40.

Tecumseh wanted a separate Native American country, and Jefferson said the purchase of the Louisiana Territory in 1803 could have created it, but neither side supported this dream. Pg. viii.

The Land Act of 1804 set prices at $2 per acre in four annual instalments, with a minimum of a quarter section or 90 acres... War Vets and Squatters often paid nothing... Pg. 39.

After the Battle of the Tippecanoe, the Natives sided with the British during the War of 1812. The settlers were scared and murders by both were common. Pg. 32.

Tecumseh died fighting Wm. H. Harrison in Canada in 1813. Pg. 34.

1816 - Indiana state created. Most people opposed slavery, except in the Vincennes (French?) area, but strongly disliked "negros." Pg. 47.

Commonly an extended family travelled together, sometime from the Carolina's in a large Virginia Wagon with threeSpan of horses. Pg. 53-54.

Others used Pennsylvania-Dutch Conestoga-tribe wagons pulled by oxen...

By 1821 the Americans had control of most of Indiana, Michigan and Illinois. The few 'Indians' remaining seemed quiet, friendly and helpful. Pg. 34.

Surely planned the trip for months... Men leading pack-horses, women alternating riding in a cart and walking... Perhaps, alternating scouts looking for game and hos tiles. Pg. 57.

Could be related to Burget migration:

1836 - Michigan Road completed from Madison to Michigan City harbour. Pg. 90.

"Panic of 1837" eventually led to Ohio depression? Pg. 85.

Between 1850 and 1860 almost 2,000 miles of RR built in Indiana... Pg. 92.