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The Stout Family, Carol Eddleman
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The Northwest Board of Education recently announced plans to purchase land for the new senior high school in the vicinity of Pippin and Stout Roads. This site is probably one of the few areas remaining in the ownership of an original pioneer family. Charles Stout had purchased his first 100 acres of land from Jonathan Dayton as early as 1805. The 1847 map of Hamilton County shows the site of his original house to be just about where the new high school building will stand. (This was written in October of 1970).

The Stout family in America had a very unusual beginning. The
pioneer of this family was Richard Stout, born about 1584 in Noting-
hamshire, England. He served some years on a British warship, get-
ting a discharge at New Amsterdam, now New York. About this same
time a sailing ship from Amsterdam on its way to the New World was
driven ashore on what is now Monmouth County, New Jersey. The passen-
gers and crew succeeded in getting to shore, but were shortly after
attacked and killed by Indians. A short time later Penelope Van
Princes, left for dead and whose husband had been killed, found
strength enough to creep into a hollow tree where she existed, bare-
ly alive for seven days. An Indian, led to the tree by his dog,
found her and carried her to his wigwam. He treated her fearful
wounds and healed her, later taking her to New Amsterdam where he
sold her to the Dutch. There she became acquainted with Richard
Stout and married him.
They immediately crossed the bay and settled on the New Jersey shore where Penelope had been so severely hurt and where her first husband had been killed. There were at this time in 1648 only five other white families in the settlement.
Richard and Penelope became prosperous and had ten children -
seven sons and three daughters. The youngest son, David, born in
1669, married Rebecca Ashton. Their eldest son, James, married
Catherine Simpson in 1712. He moved to Amwell, New Jersey. Of his
six sons, Joseph, who was born in 1717, married Mary Hixon and had
nine children. Their second son, Benijah, married Elizabeth Hyde
and became the pioneer of Hamilton County, Ohio.
This family of Stouts were among the first settlers of Hopewell,
New Jersey, and helped found the Hopewell Church (Baptist). The re-
markable mother of this family lived to be 110 years old and at the
time of her death had 502 descendants.
The Stout family of Hamilton County, like many other of its
pioneers, emigrated from New Jersey. Jesse Stout was the first
to come and was living at Southbend (Delhi) in 1799, but had gone
to Franklin County, Ohio, by 1821. Not much is known about him,
but he seems to have had several sons to whom some of his land in
Section 9 of Colerain Township was deeded.
The pioneer who came to stay was Benijah Stout, born in New
Jersey and married to Elizabeth Hyde in 1760. It seems certain
that he was related in some way to Jesse, but how close a rela-
tionship is not known. Benijah was of the fourth generation from
Richard and Penelope Stout. His children were all born in New
Jersey - Reuben, Elizabeth, Mary, Massey, Nancy, Aaron, Ira, Char-
les and Catherine. Benijah bought land in 1801. He was Overseer
of the Poor in 1811. He died in the spring of 1823, but his place
of burial is not known. Although Benijah's children were born in
New Jersey, most of them seem to have come here with him when the
family emigrated. His will, probated June 16,1823, mentions his
daughter's married names (Merril, Hat, Jessup, Randolph and Davis).
Most of these may be found in Hamilton County Records. The lines
of two of his sons may be found in Hamilton County today. There
may be other descendents from his other children, but no informa-
tion on them could be found.
Reuben, eldest son of Benijah and Elizabeth Hyde Stout, born
in 1766 in New Jersey, purchased the southwest quarter of Section
9 (the area north of Poole Road opposite the intersection of Chev-
iot Road). He served the township as Fence Viewer in 1810,1819-
20, 1823, as the Overseer of the Poor in 1820, Supervisor of the
Highways in 1819 and 1821, and was a township trustee in 1814 and
1815. He married Abia, daughter of Peter Laboyteaux, also of Hun-
terdon County, New Jersey. Their children were Elisha Stout, John
Hyde Stout, Elijah Stout and Oraminah McGill). No further infor-
mation has been found on Elijah or Oraminah McGill.
Elisha, eldest son of Reuben, who was born in 1789, married
Phoebe Brown, daughter of Esquire Ephraim Brown, another prominent
pioneer in the early days of Colerain Township. They were married
February 26, 1810. They were the parents of Clarissa, Aaron G.,
Sarah A., Sydney L., Ephraim Brown Stout, Elisha, John Hyde, Joseph
A., Reuben B. and Eliza. Reuben, Abia, Elisha and Phoebe are all
buried in the Compton Cemetery on Compton Road near Pippin.
John Hyde Stout, another son of Reuben, was a long-time resi-
dent of Colerain Township. He married Amanda Pine, daughter of
Benjamin, another early pioneer. They lived for a long time on
the old Pine farm at Banning and Colerain, which he later sold to
his brother-in-law, Amzi McGill. They then moved to Kansas City,
Ephraim Brown Stout, born 1822 in Colerain Township, married
first Ellen Poole, whose children were Alice C. (Hearn), Catherine
G., Holley Raper Stout, who married Kate Purcell, and Ellen. After
Ellen Poole's death Ephraim married Martha Dom on March 25, 1856.
She was the daughter of Phillip Dom of Mt. Healthy. Their children
were Clifford Kane Stout, Mattie Cora, Sheridan Kane, Frank Carr
and Grace Gard Stout.
Frank Carr Stout married Lucia E. Landmeier. Their children
were Virginia Hope (Miller), Martha Louise (Strassel), Frank Will-
iam Stout (husband of Polly Paris) and Eunice Brown (Peters), all
living in Mt. Healthy.
Charles Stout, youngest son of Benijah and Elizabeth, founded
the line of Stouts still to be found in Section 5 of Colerain Town-
ship. Stout Road running from Pippin to Pottenger is named for
them. Charles Stout, born in New Jersey in 1783, married Mary Du-
vall on September 14, 1809. She was born March 3, 1790. They had
twelve children who were allied by marriage to many of the pioneer
families of the area. The eldest, Ann Elizabeth, was born October
10, 1810 and married Joseph Struble on December 23, 1832. The next
daughter, Jane born Jan. 13, 1813, married Aaron Stout on Nov. 24,
1831. She died May 5, 1890 and is buried in the Bevis Cedar Grove
Cemetery. Elinor Stout, born Nov. 5, 1814, was married to Martin
Bevis, eldest son of Jesse, on Jan. 5, 1833. Axsher Stout, born
Nov. 26, 1816, married David Bevis, fourth child of Jesse, on Jan.
14, 1836. She died Oct. 24, 1894. (They were the grandparents
of Dr. Howard L. Bevis, who was President of Ohio State University
from 1940 - 1956). Steven, born in 1818 died at age three. Joseph,
born Oct., 18, 1820 went to Michigan, married there and died June
18,1891. Oliver, born Nov. 4,1822, died Aug. 1, 1901 and was the
husband of Ann Gulick of another pioneer Colerain Township family.
Mary H. was born in 1827 and only lived a year. Andrew Jackson
Stout was born Nov. 30, 1828, married Mary Blackburn Jan. 18, 1858
and died Oct. 8, 1915. William, who was born Dec. 23, 1830, marr-
ied Jane Blackburn, and died Oct. 7, 1901. Charlotte C. was born
Oct. 6, 1832, married a Hill and died June 8,1913.
Andrew Jackson Stout and Mary Blackburn remained in the area
of the old Charles Stout farm. Mary Blackburn was born on May 26,
1826 and died Jan. 3,1895. Andrew and Mary's first three boys,
Simeon, Frank, and Perry, died in childhood. They had a daughter
Ida and a son John Milton Stout.
John Milton Stout married Maggie Barnetta Huston and had three
sons and one daughter. Jennie Marie, the daughter, died at age
twelve. The sons were Elmer Huston Stout, Frank Abram Stout, and
Chester Minor Stout, who was killed in a thrashing machine accident.
Elmer Huston Stout married Mayme Grabel and remained on the
old farm. They had two daughters - Elizabeth Jane (Beatty) and
Virginia Marie (Day).
Chester Minor Stout married Elsie Grabel, a sister of his
brother's wife. They had only one child, Jackson Lyle Stout. He
married Verl Jilbert and has two sons John Carol Stout and Steven
There are many other Stout names appearing in the records at various times, but there is no proof of their connection with the Stout families mentioned above. This is not a very complete record of this family in Hamilton County, but it may bring out other information by being published.