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47 Websites You Can Use Instead of Wikipedia

Navajo Supreme Court...

Turtle Island soverignty

Using Guardianship Records by

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Der Deutsche Pionier: Erinnerungen aus dem Pionierleben der Deutschen in Amerika, Volume 13 (Google eBook)'s%20station%22%201788&f=false

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Masons at DsS - Nova Caesare (Isle of Jersey...)

(Washington was also a Mason, and a Cincinnatian...)

[emphasis added]

All was remarkably quiet and peaceful for a year or more following settlement. Then with the movement of many of the pioneers to points far out in the wilderness, where they built their homes or else stockade stations that housed several families, the savages rose in all fury and began a war of cruelty and bloodshed which lasted for five years. Cabins were plundered and stations attacked, cattle and horses run off, scores of the settlers slain and scalped and numbers taken prisoner, until the less stout-hearted fled in terror to bhe safety of eastern homes or to large towns in Kentucky. A reprisal raid by General Harmar in 1790 was without much effect and the enemy harrassed the settlements with greater vigor than before.

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Fernald Visitors +

Mailing Address:
U.S. Department of Energy
Office of Legacy Management
10995 Hamilton-Cleves Hwy.
Harrison, Ohio 45030
(513)  648-6000

Fernald Preserve Visitors Center
The Fernald Preserve Visitors Center is a 10,000-square-foot green building that celebrates the rich and varied history of the Fernald site. Information on the site’s natural, Native American, settlement and farming, uranium production, and environmental cleanup eras, as well as the recent ecological restoration and legacy management mission, is presented through a series of exhibits. Admission to the Visitors Center is free, and meeting spaces at the facility are also available for no charge to local organizations.
Visitors Center: Wednesday through Saturday
9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Closing the Circle of History - FLUOR

Uranium exposure linked to increased lupus rate - Fernald

Once notorious uranium waste site in Fernald, Ohio, beckons tourists June 13, 2010

June 13, 2010
Lilies bloom at the Fernald Preserve in southwest Ohio, where a factory once processed uranium for nuclear weapons.
Lilies bloom at the Fernald Preserve in southwest Ohio, where a factory once processed uranium for nuclear weapons. / U.S. Department of Energy
Fernald is one of only two reclaimed sites with a visitors center. / U.S. Department of Energy
FERNALD, Ohio -- At first, the Fernald Preserve inspires jokes.
"Let's come back and go hiking -- in 500 years," I say, checking out trails marked with radiation monitors.
My mom and stepdad make cracks about fish with three eyes and birds with six wings, ha ha. Still, we're a little nervous.
Fernald Preserve used to be the site of the factory where uranium was processed for nuclear bombs.