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Reed, Mary Ann... Stroup Cemetery... 17 Jul 1933, Page 1

Dies at Age of 102


Boyleston. July 17- Mary Ann Reed, age 102, died at 11:30 today at Hillisburg, at the home of her son. Victor Reed, with whom she was making her home. She is believed to have been the oldest woman in this part of the state and the oldest widow of a Civil War soldier. Her husband, Jacob Reed, who fought for the preservation of the Union, died in 1907.
Mrs. Reed was the foster daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Philip Birely, and was born in Indianapolis. August 9, 1930. She was the mother of fourteen children, of whom the survivors are Abraham, Frankfort; James, Boyleston; Lemuel, and Victor, Hillisburg; Clinton, Boswell; William, Farmland, and one daughter, Mrs. Jemima Price, Rossville.
Funeral services will be held Wednesday, at the home of the son, Victor, at Hillisburg The burial will be in the Stroup cemetery, near Scirclevllle.
Mrs. Reed's health had been good until about five years ago, when she passed into a steady decline.
She had been confined to her bed the last several months. Her oldest living child is seventy-flve years of age.



Saturday afternoon Justice of the Peace R. P. Rice united in marriage, Allen R. Stroup and Mrs. Mary Edith Robinson, the ceremony being performed in the justice's office in the court house in the presence of a few friends of the parties. These young people will make their home in Tipton, the bridegroom being employed at the Mcintosh Broom Company. He is an industrious young man and well respected.
Medieval map of IrelandMrs. Robinson prior to her first marriage was Mary Edith Curry and she has has been making her home with her grandfather, W. J. Burgett on Oak street. She has many friends and well wishers in Tipton. The young people will be located at 138 N. Independence street, they having taken apartments with Mrs. Lucy Teal. Mr. Stroup is a son of Mr. and Mrs. John J. Stroup former residents who are at this time residing on a farm near Atlanta.

Manford Merritt - Stroup Cemetery

2 Dec 1910 - Kempton Courier. Page 1?

Well Known Man Dies Suddenly
Manford Merritt Succumbs To Heart failure Wednesday
Funeral Services Held Today
When His Many Friends Pay Last Respects to His Memory.

Manford Merritt a prosperous farmer living about five miles northwest of Kempton died suddenly Wednesday morning of leakage of the heart.
Death must have occurred sometime between 8:30 and 9 o'clock, at which time he left the house to go and clean out the barn. Nothing more was seen nor heard of him and when he failed to answer a summons to dinner an investigation was made and his lifeless body found in the barn.
Mr. Merritt was a highly respected man and well known through out this part of the country. He is survived by his wife who has the sincere sympathy of the entire community.
Funeral is to be held today and interment will probably be made at the Stroup Cemetery.

E O Burget... 150 Years...

Deb Murray

"EUGENE O. BURGET was born at Burget's Corner in Clinton County, Indiana, January 5, 1869. His fellow citizens in Clinton County have followed with a friendly interest his career, made up of successive chapters as a teacher, county official, financier and insurance executive. Mr. Burget is president of the People's Life Insurance Company of Frankfort, one of the most successful organizations of the kind in the state.
He is of English ancestry and of Revolutionary stock. One of his forefathers, Emanuel Burget, was a soldier of the Revolution, went as a pioneer to Southern Ohio, settling in Butler County, and was killed by Indians while trying to reach his block house after swimming the Big Miami River. The grand- parents of Eugene O. Burget were William and Lydia (Keever) Burget, substantial and highly respected people of Butler County, Ohio, and Clinton County, Indiana, where they were pioneers in Johnson Township, where their daughter Elizabeth had the distinction of being the first white child born in the township.
William M. Burget, father of Eugene O., was born in Clinton County, Indiana, June 28, 1844, and the first break in the quiet routine of existence on the home farm came when he enlisted, August 13, 1862, in Company H, Eighty-sixth Indiana Infantry. He was with the Army of the Cumberland in campaigns through Kentucky, Tennessee., Georgia and Alabama, being a participant in the battles of Stone River, Chickamauga, Missionary Ridge and Knoxville, and later in the battles of Franklin and Nashville, which completed the rout and dissolution of Hood's Confederate forces. He served until honorably discharged, June 6, 1865. He was three times married and was the father of nine children. His first wife and the mother of Eugene O. Burget was Permelia Mott, daughter of Sayres Mott. Eugene was the second of her four children.
Eugene O. Burget supplemented his advantages in the local schools by attending the Indiana State Normal at Terre Haute, and for several years was a successful teacher, being principal of schools at Scircleville and Hillisburg. In 1894, at the age of twenty-five, he was appointed deputy county auditor of Clinton County and in 1902 was elected chief of that office for a term of four years. After leaving the auditor's office he was assistant cashier of the Clinton County Bank, resigning to become secretary and general manager of the People's Life Insurance Company in 1907. He has had the general management of this insurance organization for twenty-three years, and since July 1, 1926, has also served as president. Mr. Burget has a sound knowledge based on long experience of the insurance business, and has been satisfied to see his own company steadily increase its resources and extend its service until it now has over $54,000,000 of insurance in force and assets of over $8,000,000.
Mr. Burget is a director and former president of the Frankfort Chamber of Commerce, is a past eminent commander of the Knights Templar Commandery at Frankfort and also belongs to other bodies of York and Scottish Rite Masons, and Murat Temple of the Mystic Shrine at Indianapolis. He is a member of the Knights of Pythias, Independent Order of Odd Fellows, B. P. O. Elks, Improved Order of Red Men. He is a Republican and a Methodist.
Mr. Burget married at Frankfort, June 28, 1899, Miss Carrie Boyle. She was born at Michigantown, Clinton County, Indiana, daughter of Josiah L. and Mary Boyle.
Click here for photo.
By Charles Roll, A.M.
The Lewis Publishing Company, 1931"

Add Cinci flatboat stuff +

Stroup Cemetery Burials by Row

[Obviously, I had to do this sideways. Sorry.]

[The first two are 1. a hybrid overhead map of Johnson Twp., Clinton Co., Ind., 

and 2. then a satellite close-up]

[Next, a wide angle shot from the South]

[from the North]

[I find it is helpful to use larger stones as landmarks: 
     Merritt on row...
     Jacob & 2 Stroups, ...
     Bradburn, ...
     E&N Burget, & ...
     Dudley Wilson in the extreme NE of the cemetery clearing]
[The following Rows and plot numbers are mine, for convenience.]

Row 7 - starting at the North end_________________________________________________
"Dudley W. Wilson Feb 29, 1800. May 12, 1885. Mahala his wife Sep 15, 1812. May 15, 1888. Wilson"

Emanuel Burget Co.C.58th.Ind. (1839--) & Naomi his wife (1837-1902)

Burget, Cinderella - 1882, Jan 17

[Burget, I&J]...23 - Burget, Iva M. - 1891?...Stroup. Jane?

grouped stones:

Row 6____________________________________________________________________
Burget, William Martin - 1882, Aug 15

Row 5
1907 - Reed, Jacob
Burget, Sarah - 1857
[sarah & wm burget]

"Burget, John H (1850-1911) - Rebeca A (1848-1921) - Father-Mother" [big, red, new stone]

Row 4
Shaw, Oleva Anna - 1887
[Shaw, infant son]
Shaw, Charles L. - 1881, Jul 19
Shaw, James V. O. - 1880, Nov1
Shaw, Effie - 1880, Jan 4......8 - Shaw, Etta - 1880, Jan 4
Farley, Mary - 1855
1905 - Merritt, William..........
1911 - Merritt, Rachel [BIG]

Row 3
1947 - Bradburn, Elisha.......... Bradburn, Margaret C. - 1897 [BIG]
Unk, Edward C. - 1887, Aug
Stroup. Elizabeth Jane - 1863, Jul 9.....6 - Stroup. Jacob Sr. - 1876
Stroup. James Cody - 1882, Aug [JG?]
1922 - Stroup. Jacob Jr.
1954 - Stroup, Earl Bundy
1900 - Stroup. Gladys

Row 2
Merritt, unk son
1932 - Stroup, Clara Augusta... 
1918 - Stroup. John

Row 1
[3 stones]


[which row?]:
Burget, Emanuel M. - 1898
Burget, Maud E. - 1897
Burget, Permelia - 1874
Burget, Sophia - 1881, Oct 8
Stroup, Dewitt - 1900, Mar 
Stroup. infant - 1898
Stroup. Lemuel Hinkle - 1918
Stroup. Naomi - 1884
Stroup. Ragina - 1863, Jul 3
Unk, Alvie C. - 1890
Unk, infant son - 1891
Unk, Myrtle A. - 1880
[some stones with 2+ people.]

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Haymond - An Illustrated History of the State of Indiana

Burget's Corners,+Clinton,+Indiana,&source=bl&ots=7FKt4G7BNt&sig=6gQ7c5z36xBo9er3_oSDoTk9NhI&hl=en&sa=X&ei=-BNYU4rUAsOqyASGroCwCQ&ved=0CFAQ6AEwBQ#v=onepage&q=Dow's%20corner%20%5B%5D%2C%20Clinton%2C%20Indiana%2C&f=false

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More DsS sites

John W. Stroup?

Dear Bill Robinson,

I saw that you submitted a personal tree to Ancestry which contains: John W. Stroup

I am president of Historic Gold Hill, Inc., where John W. Stroup is buried in the Gold HIll Cemetery (Boulder County) Colorado. He was born 1856 in Ohio. Your John W. Stroup might be this person. Please contact me. Chellee Courtney;

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BsC - 1939 - THE KOKOMO TRIBUNE - Armstrong, Merritt, Scott...
The Kokomo Tribune
18 December 1939 › Page 9


OCR Text


Rites for Mrs. Armstrong To Be Held Monday; Harness (???) to Speak Wednesday 
Frankfort, Ind., Dec. 17--(Tribune Special)--Funeral services for Mrs. Agnes Armstrong, 82, widow of Samuel Armstrong, will be held Monday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the Goodwin Brothers chapel, with Dr. Charles C. Ford, officiating. Burial wlll be in Bunnell cemetery. 
Mrs. Armstrong died at her home, 602 Washlngton Avenue, Saturday afternoon after a prolonged illness. For the past three weeks she had been bedfast and three weeks ago suffered a stroke of paralysis. 
The daughter of John H, and Harriett (Scott) Merrittt, she was born in Johnson township, Clinton county, Jan. 21, 1857. She attended school at Burget's Corner, north of Scircleville; and on Feb. 7, 1877, she was married to Mr. Armstrong who, died 11 years ago. Mrs. Armstrong was a member of the First Christian church of this city.
Surviving are three daughters, Miss Otie Armstrong, Mrs. Frank Shay and Mrs. Bert Rogers, and one son, Gorman Armstrong, all of this city. One sister, Mrs. W. N. Berryman, and a brother, Scott Merritt, both of Scircleville, and four grandchildren, also survive."

Title:The Kokomo Tribune 
Country:United States Of America 
Lccn:sn82003376; sn85047829
Literal Title:The Kokomo Tribune 

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BsC... Lewis Dewiss Richards...

BsC... Redfield & Logan...

"Burget's Corner, Clinton Co., a recently established P.O."'s+corner%22+clinton,+indiana&source=bl&ots=krgSfTg_qT&sig=QBd0z8JBgIhS9bEknNo6x1C0j5Y&hl=en&sa=X&ei=kGlQU9neGKma8QGFvoCACQ&ved=0CD0Q6AEwCTgK#v=onepage&q=%22burget's%20corner%22%20clinton%2C%20indiana&f=false