Tuesday, December 24, 2013

1978 (1792) - Simmons, David A. "An Orderly Book from Fort Washingtonand Fort Hamilton

[footnotes re: DsS, Kingsbury, Schaumburgh...]

"(12) Bartholomew Schaumburgh was an immigrant of one of the German states and apparently the "drillmaster" for Wilkinson's department. His position may have been a consequence of his familiarity with Prussian military drill upon which American drill of this period was based (see fn 17). He also had some experience as an engineer at Dunlap's Station and Fort Hamilton.

Schaumburgh was commissioned as an ensign in Pennsylvania in March 1791. He became a lieutenant in the 1st Sub Legion in 1792 and was promoted to captain in 1794. He was discharged in 1802, but rejoined the army for the War of 1812. David A. Simmons, "Fort Hamilton, 1791-1797 Its Life and Architecture" (M.A. thesis, Miami University, 1795), p. 30; Heitman, Historical Register, Vol. I, p. 863..."

"(14) Jacob Kingsbury served with troops from Connecticut, his home state, during the Revolution. He became a lieutenant in the 1 st U.S. Infantry in 1789 and was promoted to captain in 1791. During the War of 1812, Kingsbury became a colonel in the Inspector General Department of the Army. Honorably discharged in 1815, he died in 1837. Heitman, Historical Register, Vol. 1, p. 601. 
Kingsbury gained some notoriety in January 1791, when he commanded 12 regulars and 22 settlers in the defense of Dunlap's Station..."