Monday, December 23, 2013

Evaluation-Summary of McBride-editor's Appendix E +


Who was J. G. Olden?
Was his work reviewed? Check JStor.
Were his Miss Birkit and "heads on pikes" reports cooroborated?

Make chart:
List key facts - 
   Savages... [it's routine to demonize enemies around wartimes.] [They were defeated, but
      also decimated] 
List primary & secondary sources - 
   Lt. Kingsbury
   Hahn-Cist - iffy?
   Wallace-Cist - best report?
   Wiseman - dates off! Daylight escape!
Do I have 1819 Farnsworth's Cincinnati Directory, Pg 22?

McBride, Reily and Wallace agreed with original military report 'dates,' and 'use of torture:'

'Wallace and Wiseman snuck out at 3 a.m., met rescuers alerted by hunter named Cox.' 
   from Ludlow's Station according to Olden.
   How does this compare to torture story?

1850 Cist interviews with William Wiseman (81, orig age 22) and Samuel Hahn (73, then 14)
   are 59 year old memories which are less reliable than primary sources.
   Hahn was 'circumstantial.'
   Wiseman was off by a month.

Appendix A - Judge Burnet:
   Seems sympathetic to natives, committed to whole truth, but still used "savages"