Monday, December 23, 2013

Journal News... 1892

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Rev. E. W. Abbey talked of "Our Country and Its Glorious Destiny." Mr. Abbey, always a good talker, handled this subject admirably and pointed out for destiny grand and glorious and which without doubt will be more than realized. Captain Wm. C. Margedant was asked to respond to the toast "What shall be done to perpetuate the usefulness of the centennial organization?" The captain was. to say the least, somewhat bashful and he begged permission of the toast master to appoint a substitute in the person of Mr. Neilan. The company regretted that they could not have the privilege of listening to the captain as ie was the bone and sinew of the centennial. After saying that the society should pertetuate Itself by educating the rising generation,mculcaling literary ideas and teaching historical truths, Mr. Neilan waxed eloquent and drifting from his subject told of the fiendish work of Renegade Simion Girty. who, with his Indian allies, burned white man at the stake near Dunlap's Station, in full sight of the garrison. He sat down amid great applause. MAJESTY OP THE LAW