Monday, December 23, 2013

Lt. Josiah Kingsbury to General Harmer...

Draft, to be checked... Fair Use only... [from Evernote]

1791, Jan 12 - Lt. Josiah Kingsbury to General Harmer... 
Harmer Papers... U. Of Michigan...
Also in Scamyhorn's Stockades..., pages 65-74...

"Dunlaps Station, 12th January, 1791
Dear General,
   Monday morning (about Sunrise) at half past Seven The Indians Surrounded the Garrison The Indians consisting of nearly Two Hundred after they had compleatly surrounded us Mr. Hunt a prisoner (taken last Saturday within one Mile of this place) demanded this Garrison by order of the Indians. I informed them that we were happy to see them that we had plenty of Men Arms Ammunition and provisions and had been waiting impatiently for them for several days. they then began a very heavy fire but have wounded but one man which is McVicar of Capt. Trumans Compy shot through the arm. they demanded the Garrison several times but to no purpose. we have killed and wounded not less than Twelve or fifteen. the savages have kill'd most part of the Cattle belonging to the station and burnt all the buildings the outside of the Garrison and have Destroyed most part of the corn belonging to the inhabitants. the Indians appeared to come prepared for a siege as they had a number of pack horses with heavy loads on them and were loaded themselves with large packs on their backs. These savages raise their siege yesterday morning about 8 o'clock after keeping up a very heavy fire for nearly 25 hours. they threatened to starve us out or storm our works and to set fire to our garrison. They attempted to set fire to our Garrison with arrows but could not bring any of their plans to bear. they informed me that Girty was there and called me by name and told me they would wish to see me outside of the garrison. Hunt the prisioner they murdered within 200 yards of the Garrison. I have the plan. are sending you to scalps and hope before long to send you several more but have them to take first. The inhabitants will some of them leave this place. others will remain here. I had of my men and the inhabitants..."

"... in the Garrison in the attack 35 men old and young sick and well. I shall now be a little weakened by the loss of some of the inhabitants who are about to leave this place - Capt. Sloan the bearer Rec'd  a wound in his side but was a very great service to me in the attack - by yesterday morning send off an Express to you but they met the militia and returned - 
I am dear general, 
with ther utmost Respect – 
Your most obdt, Humbl servt-
 Jacob Kingsbury Lieut.
Comdg Dunlaps Station - 
  NB Capt. Sloan killed the Indian with the large Scalp and will be glad to keep it after you have seen it"