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Family Tree of Christopher W. Lane

Medieval map of Ireland

Family Tree of Christopher W. Lane

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  • ID: I3265
  • Name: William Cronis Crum 1 2
  • Name: William Cronis Crumm 3
  • Sex: M
  • Change Date: 18 NOV 2004
  • Birth: 1770
  • Note:
    Barb Johnson gives birth place as nr. Bethlehem, PA (Lower Saucon Twsp) and date between 1768 and 1770, and eastern Indiana web site said New York.
  • Death: 14 NOV 1822 in Wayne Co., Indiana
  • Note: William was said to be killed by Indians in Ohio (cf. George C. Mansfield Butler Co. History), but he did write a will and died but two months later, and there doesn't seem to be any Indian activities that might have caused this in 1822, so this seems like it might be more a nice story than the truth. 2
  • Will: 14 NOV 1822 2
  • Event: Proved 03 JAN 1823
  • Note: Wayne Co., IN 2
  • Residence: ABT 1790 Fort Coleraine (Dunlap's Station), Hamilton Co., Ohio
  • Note:
    Listed as being one of early settlers at Fort Coleraine in Nelson's History of Hamilton Co. (1894), along with brothers David and John, and brother-in-law Henry Whitinger. He was there by April 1790.

    Also, said to be among the 11 families that first settled Fort Dunlap was his widowed mother Mary and his sister Rebecca.

    According to Wiseman's account, William was attacked by Indians along with David Gibson, who was captured, and Thomas Larrison, who with William escaped back to the fort. Samuel Hahn indicates Gibson was captured when out on his own, so Wiseman may have confused two separate events.

    After the Indian attack in Jan. 1791, all the inhabitant of Dunlap's Station abandoned it to move to North Bend. William was one of the signers of a document sent from Fort Coleraine on January 17, 1791 saying that they were going to leave Fort Coleraine because of the disadvantages cause by the attack of the "Savages." The fort was reestablished the next year, but William seems to have moved on to Daraugh's Station.
    4 5
  • Note:
    William was at fort during the Indian attack. About 500 Indians attacked the station, which was defended by Lieutenant Kingsbury, thirteen regulars and about eight to ten armed residents. The Indians attacked on the 10th, tortured a prisoner within sight of the fort that night, then attacked the next day until they heard that reinforcements were coming, when they gave up the attack.

    The account by Wiseman says the attack was led by Blue Jacket and Simon Girty.

    6 7 5
  • Event: Milit-Serv NOV 1791
  • Note:
    William was a scout for General St. Clair during the battle with the Indians on the Wabash in Nov. 1791 and elsewhere. Known as "a red-headed Indian Scout" in Mary Coates Martin's "Colonial Pioneers, Martin and Bell Families and their Kin." Tradition that he was of Scoth-Irish descent. Also tradition that the character of Nathaniel Bumppo in "Leather Stocking Tales" was based on William
  • Residence: 1818
  • Note: Had moved to Indiana by this date
  • Residence: AFT 1783 Kentucky
  • Note:
    William had moved into Kentucky shortly after the Revolution (when it was still part of VA). 
    9 4
  • Residence: BET 1790 AND 1812 Coleraine Township, Hamilton Co., Ohio
  • Note:
    William was at Dunlap's Station from about 1790 to 1792, at which time he moved, along with the other settlers, to North Bend and then on to Daraugh's Station He later moved to a property where he set up a farm that he eventually passed on to Abraham.

    It appears that William Crum, and the other settlers at Dunlap's Station, found that John Dunlap did not have clear title to the land he had sold them.
    These settlers, however, applied for forfeiture land where the original owner had not made improvements. On 19 April 1798 William received forfeit of the NE corner of Section 4 in Coleraine township, located at what is now the intersection of Springdale and Pippin Roads. He lieved there until 1812, when he sold the tract to his older brother Abraham.

    William built a cabin and married Rosanah Whitinger. He worked for the army located at Fort William as a scout, etc. 
    4 10
  • Residence: ABT 1812 Wayne Co., Indiana
  • Note: William recieved a grant of land in range 10, Twp. 15 of Wayne County, IN (later Rush County) in 1811. William and his family then moved to Indiana where he lived the rest of his life. 8
  • Residence: 1792 Daraugh's Station, Hamilton Co., Ohio
  • Note:
    William was one of the first settlers at Daraugh's Station, which he moved to after leaving Dunlap's Station in the spring of 1792.

    He was out on a hunting trip with three other men when they heard a group of Indians coming. One of the men, falling behind, was wounded by an Indian, but William stopped and shot the Indian so the man could be got back to the fort. All the settlers survived the fight at the fort that followed. Note that this might have occured at Dunlap's Station a year or so earlier.
    11 3
  • Event: Milit-Serv ABT 1812
  • Note: William was a captain in the Army during the War of 1812. 8
  • Note: The "Cronis" middle name is not certain.
  • OBJE:
  • FILE: C:\Program Files\The Master Genealogist\pics\signatures.JPG
  • Note: Signatures from document sent from Fort Coleraine asking for orders on January 17, 1791. Includes William Crum and Henry Whitinger.
  • OBJE:
  • Title: Dunlap's Station
  • FILE: C:\Program Files\The Master Genealogist\pics\fort dunlap.jpg
  • Note: 1791 "Plan of a Settlement Call'd Dunlaps Station." Drawn by Lieutenant Bartholomew Shaumurgh. Original located in Josiah Harmar Papers, William L. Clements Library, Ann Arbor, MI. A manuscript note on the side says that the house roofs were sloped with the lower side facing out and that Lt. Shaumurgh had them modified to they sloped up towards the outside for greater safety.
  • OBJE:
  • Title: Colerain Township
  • FILE: C:\Program Files\The Master Genealogist\pics\colerain twsp.jpg
  • Note: Map showing site of Dunlap's Station. By Richard Scamyhorn from "Stockades In The Wilderness."
  • OBJE:
  • Title: 1896 aerial view of Dunlap's S
  • FILE: C:\Program Files\The Master Genealogist\pics\colerain photo.jpg
  • OBJE:
  • Title: Dunlap's Station map
  • FILE: c:\Program Files\The Master Genealogist\pics\Colerain 2.jpg
  • Note: Modern map showing site of Dunlap's Station and Darrah's Station.

    Father: Peter Crum b: ABT 1740 in Somerset Co., New Jersey
    Mother: Mary Cronis b: ?unknown

    Marriage 1 Roseanna Whitinger b: ABT 1784 in Pennsylvania
    • Married: ABT 1795 in Fort Hamilton, Hamilton Co., Ohio
    • Note: Gene Connor believes the marriage took place at Daraught's Station, just south of Fort Hamilton. 9

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