Monday, December 23, 2013

Dues paid... Shand reply?

Hi Larry (new Prez?)  -
Thanks for you help and comments. Two things, though:
1) I still haven't heard from anyone via email with newsletters. If it was sent by snail mail, we have been renovating and haven't gotten all our deliveries. I actually prefer the PDFs, if they can try again. Perhaps if they used all three of my emails above, I could isolate the problem (it can't be incompatible software). Basically, I just want to keep up, and perhaps even help.
2) Also, do you folks have a Historian, yet? Or is there someone that can look in your library? I am especially interested in Gen'l Harmer's letter to Sec'y Knox on 25 Jan1791. I read that Ruth Wells copied a large amount of this material from the Collection in Michigan years ago.
Thanks in advance. All the best.
Bill Robinson