Monday, December 23, 2013

American Pioneer... (orig between 1791-1820)

Draft. Exerpt transcribed for Fair Use only. Emphasis added.

American Pioneer: A Monthly Periodical, Devoted to the Objects of the Logan Historical Society; Or, to Collecting and Publishing Sketches Relative to the Early Settlement and Successive Improvement of the Country, Volume 2. John S. William. Logan Historical Society. 1843. Pennsylvania State University.

"In the winter preceding about 400 Indians had made an attack on Dunlaps Station on the Great Miami & continued the seige for about 26 hours, had killed all the stock destroyed the grain & burnt all the out-buildings. Before they reached the Station they killed Mr. Cunningham wounded Mr Sloan & took Abner Hunt prisoner who they massacred in a most shocking manner within sight & hearing of the people of the Station. The Garrison consisted of thirty five regulars under the Command of Capt Kingsbury & about fifteen effective men of the inhabitants one of the soldiers received a slight wound & several Indians were killed. I was among the party that came to their relief & in a second tour assisted to repair their fortifications at which time I boarded at Mr Hahn's who was killed with two of his neighbours at one time & his eldest son & several others at another shortly after."