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G. Turner, “Plan and Elevation of a Stockade Work, with Block-HouseBastions...

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When in 1791 or 1792? was this drawn?:

Stockade "G. Turner, “Plan and Elevation of a Stockade Work, with Block-House Bastions; designed for the defence of the Settlement of Coleraine, on the Great Miami River, 1791.” Watercolor, pen and ink. Josiah Harmar Papers. Map Division, Small Maps 1791.

This proposal for a fort to protect the settlement of Coleraine on Ohio’s Miami River employs a ground plan that would become increasingly popular on the 19th-century frontier.  A square stockade with bastions or blockhouses only on two opposite corners was economical of the number of defenders needed and still provided adequate flanking fire in a small fortification.  The combination blockhouse-bastions are of uncommon design.  The buildings provided quarters for officers and men."
University of Michigan
ACQ: Harmar Papers.
References:Brun 707.
Note:Signed at lower right: G. Turner.
Finished, colored plan and elevation at Coleraine or Dunlap's Station.
Profile view shows details of stockade and blockhouses.
Physical Description:1 ms. map : col. ; 38.5 x 33.2 cm. 
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