Monday, December 23, 2013

Intro to petition - January 16, 1791+

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[from CHS:]
"Below are the signatures of the inhabitants on the document January 16, 1791. The names of James Barrett, William Crum and Michael Hahn are found on Nelson's list. Steven Cone lists McDonald, Barrott and Barkit (Birgit). He also names White. In John Dunlap's field notes we find James Barrett, John Mcnamara and Michael Hahn. Some of the signatures cannot be found on any list or account and others who were known to have been there did not sign the document.
The Margaret Ewing mentioned had been Margaret McDonald. If only some of the stories she told the Harrison children had been written! 
David Gibson, one of the Indian captives, met a Pennsylvania girl captured earlier and married her. They, together with John Crum, were released after the Treaty of Greenville. They returned to Dunlap's Station and David Gibson later moved to Butler County, becoming the first elder of the Venice Presbyterian Church, later moving to Indiana.

Burgit/Barkit, Martin
Barrett, James
Brady, James 
Crum, John
Crum, William
Donnant, Angash 
Gibson, David & Penn wife
Michael Hahn
Paul Hahns
Lt. Kingsbury of Jan. 17, 1791
Daniel McDermot
McDonald - Cone's list
John McNamara
Hugh Mendes
John C. Thompson
Silvester White
Henry Whitinger