Monday, December 23, 2013

DsS - CHS letter

We had our board meeting last night and I relayed your last message to the ones who are responsible for E-mailing Pageants, minutes etc. I hope the problem gets corrected. If doesn't let me know and I will send you what I have until the whole problem is solved.
The excuse I was given why you didn't receice your E-mails is that maybe the person sending didn't have the same program as you????? I never did understand computers, nor trusted them, and at my age I probably never will. It seems like every time I learn something new on a computer I find ten mare things I have to learn. One thing I do know it won't cure this lousy cold I came down with last Sunday. I had an argument back in the early 70's with the engineering firm's computer who was doing the plans for I-74 through Cincinnati and I won the argument. Been leery of computers ever since. I'm getting long winded because I'm feeling a little better today.
Simon Girty. The only things I know about him are written in enough books and accounts. I have only read a few of those articles. When I read history about people and places I have to try to put myself in their situation to get a better understanding of why things happen. From what I've read  he sided with the Indians because he didn't think the "white" people should be settling north of the Ohio River. That was the attack on Dunlap's Station. I believe Girdy was one of those persons who loved a little conflict and these skirmishes were right up his alley. I understand he was supposed to be one of the instigators of the attack on Dunlap's Station along with Blue Jacket, both white men. I have no doubt that it was his idea to put Abner Hunt through his ordeal.
After putting in more than 50 years as a land surveyor I emphasize with many that I read about in history, especially the group that Abner Hunt was with when they were attacked. One account says that the four, Wallace, Sloan, Hunt, and Cunningham were clearing and another account says they were surveying several hundred yards north of the Station. Which side of the river? The river ran all directions in that area back then. I think Abner Hunt was part of John Dunlap's survey crew. Because Dunlap was a chief surveyor brought here by Symmes to survey "his" property between the Miamis. They were surveying up the Miami River when Dunlap decided this bend in the river reminded him of his Coleraine Ireland home on the River Bann. There he built his outpost station. Capt. Sloan Military, it seems most all military officers were instructed in surveying back then. the other two were probably along to help. A surveying party always need some "laborers" to help out. Just my theories.

I'm rambling so I better close for now.
Looks like I might be president of the CHS next year.
On 10/12/2013 12:59 AM, Bill Robinson wrote:
Thank you very much! I would love to see the Oct. and Nov. editions, too. Are Minutes sent out? Finally, please update the mailing list.
You might be interested to know that I have extensively added to the Wikipedia article on Dunlap's Station, including your geolocation data. I would love to hear your thoughts on Simon Girty's involvement.
Again, thanks in advance.
Bill Robinson
Toronto, Canada
On Oct 11, 2013, at 7:26 PM, larry shad <> wrote:
Hi Bill,
As a member of The Coleraine Historical Society you should be receiving our monthly newsletter the "Coleraine Pageant" either by snail mail or E-mail. If you did not receive the newsletter I apologies for that error. I'm enclosing a copy of the September Pageant which listed the winners. Let me know if you are receiving them.
We had to set up a new website and you can reach it at
We have many projects started for next year, our 50th. We will put your name on our volunteer list. I'm sure we can find something you can do even from far away. Thanks for asking.
<CHS Sept 2013 Pageant.pdf>
On 10/11/2013 1:05 PM, Bill Robinson wrote:
Larry -
You may recall that we met last year at the Re-enactment+. I am a member.
I haven't heard anything since before the draw which I think was in July. Are the results and minutes available?
Also, do you still have a website? The addresses I had before seem to be dormant.
I would love to help with anything that can be done from a distance. All the best.
Bill Robinson
Toronto, Canada
p.s. I sent a copy of this note to Mary, in case you are unavailable.