Sunday, December 08, 2013

Early Pioneer Settlement Forts of Ohio

Hamilton County:
Anderson's Station (1) (1790), Andersons Ferry.
Beasley's Station (1792), undetermined location.
James Carpenter's Station (1793), undetermined location.
Cincinnati Blockhouse (2) (1784), Cincinnati.
Clement's Station (1789), Terrace Park. Also known as Round Bottom Station.
Cleves Stockade (1789), Cleves. (same as below ?)
Cleves Station (1790), Cleves. A blockhouse was later built for added protection.
Coleman's Mill Station (1791), undetermined location.
Columbia Station (1) (1788), near the mouth of the Little Miami River. Built by Benjamin Stites. Completely flooded in January 1789.
Abram Covalt's Station (1790), Newtown or Bethany Town. A 20-man detachment from Fort Washington was garrisoned here in 1791.
Cunningham's Station (1) (1790), undetermined location.
Daraugh's Station (1792), undetermined location.
John Dunlap's Station (1790), Dunlap. Also known as Coleraine Station. Held off an Indian attack in December 1790.
Dunn's Blockhouse (2) (1793), undetermined location.
Dunn's Station (1) (1793), undetermined location.
William Flinn's Blockhouse (1785 ?), Linwood at Turkey Bottom on the road between Miami Fort (5) and Whickerham's Station. Stockaded in 1791. Also spelled Flynn.
Frazee's Station (1793), undetermined location.
William Gerard's Station (1790 - 1820's), near Terrace Park, on the east bank of the Little Miami River. The main house was later rebuilt with stone, and had served as a private residence until 1902.
David Griffin's Station (1792), near Carthage, located near or in Caldwell Park on the east bank of Mill Creek.
Hayes' Station (1791), undetermined location.
Howell's Blockhouse (1790), undetermined location. A hexagonal blockhouse.
Keen's Station (1795), undetermined location.
Kemper's Station (1793), undetermined location.
Losantiville Station (1788 - 1795 ?), Cincinnati, located at the present-day site of the Great American Ball Park's main parking lot. Built by Daniel, John, William, and Zachariah Hole, all brothers. The brothers later relocated to Miamisburg after 1795.
Luce's Blockhouse (1789), North Bend.
Israel Ludlow's Station (1790), Cumminsville. Located on the west bank of Mill Creek, it was an important post on the military road connecting Forts Hamilton and Washington. It was used in General St. Clair's failed campaign of 1791. Monument located at Knowlton and Mad Anthony Streets.
McFarland's Station (1794), Pleasant Ridge area of Cincinnati.
McHenry's Station (1790), Cumminsville.
Mercer's Station (1792), Newtown.
Miami Fort (3) (1788), a settlers' stockade located on the Little Miami River above Columbia Station (1).
Mill Creek Blockhouse (1) (1790), Cumminsville. (same as Ludlow's Station listed above ?)
Nelson's Station (1792), Madisonville.
North Bend Station (1789), North Bend.
Pleasant Valley Stockade (1794), Woodlawn.
Red Bank Station (1791), Madisonville.
Runyon's Station (1792), north of Sharonville.
Sixteen Corner Blockhouse (1790), undetermined location.
South Bend Station (1790), located between North Bend and Andersons Ferry.
Sugar Camp Station (1789), Shawnee Lookout.
John Symmes' Station (1789), North Bend.
Tucker's Stockade (1792), Woodlawn.
Turkey Bottom Blockhouse (1791), Linwood. (same as Flinn's Blockhouse listed above ?)
Vanvorhee's Stockade (1794), Reading.
Whickerham's Station (1790), Mt. Washington.
Capt. Jacob White's Station (1789), Carthage, a stockade built on an old Indian trail that led to the mouth of the Little Miami River. Attacked by Indians in August 1793, but held.